About Chilliqueen

The Story So Far...

An amazing premium product with a dash of chilli and a dash of celebrity

Lee Everett, then wife of DJ and Comedian Kenny, visited the USA in 1979. During this trip Lee came across an amazing taste bud revelation, a chilli pepper jelly, and was instantly hooked. On her return to the UK, Lee immediately began developing her own unique version of a Chilli Pepper Jelly.

Although an accomplished cook, perfection was not easy to achieve, but once there, "Chilli Jelly" was born. The product was a huge hit with family and friends, with demand being so big that it quickly developed into a "cottage industry", with Chilli Jelly being sold locally to a variety of fine food outlets. It was during this period, that hand-cooked batch runs went from 10 or 20 to 500 jars, up to an amazing 1,000 jars in the final batch run. So it was no wonder that Kenny Everett, with his zany sense of humour, nicknamed her "Chilliqueen"! The name has stuck and appeared on the jars as the brand ever since

Since then Sir Elton John has helped develop and test the new extra hot flavour! We have been winning awards, in the Daily Mail, on the radio, at lots of shows, and so word is starting to spread.

Gradually over the years our products are getting a classic food product reputation, (we were nominated for the Observers top 100 food products!) even though the shops that stock us are still few in number.

This year we have also gone for a NEW simpler premium look to our packs designed by the famous Scots illustrator Clare Mackie. And we are beginning to expand our ranges into new areas such as ketchups, dips, sauces etc.

We hope you like our new packs and new products and of course the lovely jellies that are the core business. Please write to us with any ideas you may have to improve what we do. As without you our company will never succeed so we really do appreciate your input.

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